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Hung Yi
Hung Yi
Renowned Taiwanese contemporary artist having held solo exhibitions in many countries
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Domestic & international solo exhibitions
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Hung Yi is an important art world figure in Taiwan, pursuing his artistic dreams with his own thinking and passion. His works are full of positive energy and meticulous observation, offering a rich visual experience that symbolizes the local emotions and characteristics of Taiwan. The play on words in the names of his works of art is also a characteristic feature of Hung Yi, such as "Miracle Chicken" (a pun on "miracle"), "Make Money Immediately" (a pun on "make money" and "immediately"), "Harmonious Dragon" (a pun on "harmony"), etc.
Unique Styles / Breaking Tradition / Delicately Presenting the Aesthetics of Life
Juan Ripollés
A national treasure of Spain - Juan Ripollés. Each creation is full of vitality and life, mostly characterized by the unique artistic style of Mediterranean palette.
Vincent Fang
Vincent Fang, in collaboration with Hung Yi and Jay Chou, has created a unique, limited edition of "Punk Cat Sting" series.
Harvie Tseng
Skilled in his use of acrylic markers to portray the world as a happy place, Harvie Tseng creates works filled with childlike wonder, crafting parallel universes of joy.
Bo-wei Huang
By objectifying symbols of life, Huang Po-Wei deconstructs views of the body, explores visual perceptions and inspires us with recognition of images within his work.
Wang Ming-Ren
Holding multiple artistic educational roles, Wang Ming-Ren is involved in various fields including creation theory, calligraphy and painting, digital media design and interior design.
Liang Yue
Integrating classical and modern styles, Liang Yue painstakingly creates astonishing compositions that reveal the values and conflicts of existence, with a direct critique reflecting light and darkness.
Zhang Li-Yeh
Zhang Li-Yeh excels in using light, color and indigenous images to create spiritual worlds, exploring the inner self and nature, incorporating pantheistic Asian thinking.

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Hung Yi Art Gallery

Transformed from a rice milling factory, this spacious high-ceilinged art gallery and museum showcases Hung Yi's ingenious thought process and creativity. Unlike a more conventional 'white cube' art gallery, it integrates more local characteristics and emotion, filled with rustic charm that conveys the beauty and joy of art.

Monday to Friday (except holidays)
Morning sessions 10:00-12:00 / Afternoon sessions 13:30-17:00


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Gift Tree

Offering unique art merchandise, the shop and gallery also include artists' own creations. Each collectible item enables you to bring the aesthetics of art into your daily life, creating a 'sense of ritual' and embracing both Art & Life.

Monday to Sunday AM:11:00 - PM8:00


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Art Dot2 Cultural & Creative Aesthetics

An art gallery and shop promoting Taiwanese artists, infusing diverse artistic energies with an open-air platform outside the gallery suitable for social activities, becoming a hub for the development of art in central Taiwan.

Open by Reservation: Monday to Friday AM:10:00 – PM:6:00 (Closed at Weekends & Holidays)
Art Gallery Visits are Welcome
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